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Money advice

If you are looking for information, advice or support regarding any money matters, including benefits and debts, you may find the following links useful:

Some of these are local organisations, others provide a national service.

Gov.uk - benefits
A-Z of benefits - find out what you are entitled to and how to claim a variety of benefits.
Click here to view Gov.uk - benefits

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StepChange Debt Charity
Does the amount of credit you have worry you? Are you feeling anxious about what may happen? Free advice on problem debt based on what's best for you.

Click here to view StepChange Debt Charity

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Tax Credit Payments for Families with Children
9 out of 10 families with children are entitled to tax credits. You can be given Child Tax Credit in the form of payments from the government regardless of whether you are working or not.

Child Tax Credit is paid direct to the person who is mainly responsible for caring for the child or children. If you are a lone parent you will receive the payment.

Working Tax Credit is for people who are employed or self-employed (either on their own or in a partnership), who usually work 16 hours or more a week, who are paid for that work, and who expect to work for at least 4 weeks.


For more information either select the following web site link or call the Helpline on 0845 300 3900 (textphone 0845 300 3909 ).

Click here to view Tax Credit Payments for Families with Children

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The Money Charity
This is a national money education charity, formed to help people better manage their money.

It offers a range of resources including debt advice guides and budget sheets, which can be downloaded from its website.
Click here to view The Money Charity

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